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Justin Bieber and Mariah

29 Oct

Justin Bieber‘s much-anticipated, over-hyped holiday albumUnder the Mistletoe is just a few days shy of its Nov. 1 release, which means the promo machine has kicked into overdrive, Geo News.

Bieber’s tunes have been leaking all over the place, from his clubby dance version of “Little Drummer Boy” to his cheesy slow jam “Christmas Night.” The most talked-about collaboration on the album, Bieber’s duet with Mariah Carey, has also dropped: “All I Want for Christmas.”

It seems that the song’s producers were unwilling to test a tried and true formula, as there’s practically nothing innovative about this revamp. Bieber and Carey trade off vocals, back and forth, and the end result sounds clunky and, well, opportunistic. Why recreate a song that was re-released only last year?

Maybe it’ll make sense to Justin’s fans, many of whom were mere twinkles in their parents’ eyes when Mariah originally released the song in 1994. Check it out below, but be aware that the pitch is slightly off…