Five steps to activate Universal Account Number

17 Sep

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has introduced the Universal Account Number (UAN) for members. The number allows portability of PF accounts from one employer to another without depending on any employer for withdrawal of EPF balance. The number allows a member to view all his or her EPF accounts with current and former employers. With the number, a member can initiate the process of closing old accounts and transferring balances. The number, which has to be allotted by an employ ..

Get UAN from employer

Former employer will provide UAN and member ID to the current employer. These details are mandatory for UAN Activation.


The EPFO member needs to visit the EPFO website at the following address: Click on the “Activate your UAN based registration” tab. On clicking, one can read the instructions and click on “I have read and understood the instructions”.


The member is then asked to enter his UAN and mobile number. Next, the state and PF office needs to be selected from the dropdown option. Member ID also needs to be entered in the form. After entering these details, the member can click on “Get PIN”.


A PIN is sent to the mobile number registered. This number needs to be entered and submitted to complete the activation process.

User id and pass ..

On completion of the activation, the member will be prompted to create a login user id and password for accessing the UAN services offered by the portal.

Points to note

* One can access the User Manual on the activation page of the website which provides information on activation and further use of the portal.

* The member can access the EPF passbook and download the UAN card once registration is completed by using the login credentials.

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