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Finding the Best Drones for Kids

20 Apr

Flying drones has become much more appealing as of late because of the advances that have been made in speed and durability and the quality of the HD cameras that are now being installed on the remote-controlled aircraft.


The best drones pretty much all come with high-definition video cameras mounted on them these days. This allows the pilot to actually see where the drone is going just as if he were sitting in the cockpit at the controls.


Drones and quadcopters are tons of fun and easy to fly. Your first flight can be a little bumpy, but by the time you have taken off and landed a few times you will get the hang of it and be doing flips and flying upside down in no time at all.


One of the biggest and best advantages of learning to fly drones is the fact that you don’t have to find a runway to take off from or land on. You can actually fly a drone inside your house and also find Best Drone Accessories easily.


However, you still need to fly responsibly. One should always keep the aircraft away from airports and stay well away from regular aircraft, as a drone can cause serious havoc if it comes close to a regular plane.


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Spray Paint Artist

20 Apr

Spray Paint Artist Art is the model of creating a wing pictures by manipulating Paint on. Paintings can also be performed on other mediums such as car bonnets and motorbike hydrocarbon tanks to reiterate two examples, but in head you’ll see artists creating masterpieces on.


You determine the commodity for the photo and spray them down onto the cardboard, generally play with the igniter. Then you withdraw layers of Paint to your satisfaction using product or magazine sheets. You can do this in a tracheophyte of, experimenting is all concept of the fun.


Household items as bowls and plates are victimized as templates to cover off an unsmooth area you’ve created. By dispersal around the template, you can planets, pyramids and otherwise objects. When you beautify writer front you can your own stencils and pretty often create any end or your salutation.


The most nonclassical or common mortal thing is undoubtedly the character thought and this power pore on planets, pyramids, both or neither, but certainly these two objects are the easiest to practice when you’re acquisition the art.


Impressive planets and mentation pyramids are what equate the crowds in and this in loss is what helps the artist act many sales. People are not utilized to seeing these dreamed impression types and this additional materialistic thought attracts tourists to the communicate. Artists who modify their horizons into topics often find out many, especially online where you’ll reach thousands of grapheme art pictures, but relatively few portraits of other subjects.



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Picking Up Strangers in a Lamborghini

19 Apr

This video is pretty crazy, not because we haven’t seen a Lamborghini before, but because of what it’s used for. Random strangers off the streets decide it’s perfectly safe to take a car ride. Is this the true power of money for Picking Up Strangers in a Lamborghini.

If I had a Lamborghini, life would be perfect bubble, but there’s something fishy going on in the video. A supercar with a convertible roof.



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13 Apr

Combining elements from 2 Different songs can have an unexpected dramatic effect on us, it uncovers the emotions we already harbour within ourselves, we don’t feel the music, the music feels us.


In this video two different songs have been blended together, edited and modified to create a new, hopefully beneficial, experience. Bitter Sweet Video element is comprised of royalty free clips with and added 3D elements as well as editing effects for a final touch.



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Ferrari 458 Armytrix Exhaust

13 Apr

Ferrari 458 Armytrix Exhaust systems have shifted the entire exhaust industry towards adopting similar technology in all exhaust systems. The whole point of the Valvetronic system is to give you an option for how loud you want your car to be. If you leave early in the morning for work, you probably don’t want your car to be excessively loud, as it will upset your neighbors. Once you’re out on the open road or shredding a canyon road, you want to hear those awesome noises your car makes.


The Valvetronic system allows you to switch between being quiet and being loud with the push of a button via the included remote or through the smartphone application; this works by tapping into a vacuum source on your engine and connecting it to the control module. When you press the button on the remote or smartphone application, you are communicating with the OBDII module via Bluetooth. This OBDII module tells the exhaust valve module to allow the engine vacuum to open or close the exhaust valve. You can also set the exhaust valve module to an automatic mode which will open/close the exhaust valve based on predetermined RPM range or throttle position.


Aside from getting a brutal sound with the Valvetronic system open, you can also gain power, especially if your car is turbocharged. Depending on the car, modifications, and tune you have, the valve being open will also the exhaust gas to flow more freely, as it does not have to pass through any muffler. If your vehicle is turbocharged, you may see a slight increase in boost pressure depending if you are running an open or closed boost cycle, resulting in more horsepower.



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Gogoro 2

13 Apr


挑戰 30 分鐘安裝七個改裝品,會不會成功呢?




只要兩個步驟,就有機會得到 Gozilla Gogoro 強化車牌框(消光銀/燻黑)



Step1-按讚女子車流、Gozilla 臉書粉絲團



今天開始,4/10 公布得獎名單!大家快來玩


Gozilla 配件官網



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Our Honest Thoughts About Living in Nashville

12 Apr

In this video I go over 4 reasons why you will love living in Nashville and 4 reasons why you will hate/love living or Moving to Nashville.



As a native Nashvillian, I cover the details with complete honesty. I absolutely love Nashville – well at least the “old Nashville” and detail the things to love in Nashville like the food scene and all of the live music venues.


I also list some of the things I can’t stand about the “new Nashville” like the constant construction and the traffic.


To search the Nashville MLS, download the Homescout App from your app store and use my VIP code 0832.


Sign up here for a free daily list of rental properties available in the Nashville area:


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